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Tree of Life - another poem by Kerbedanz

Kerbedanz has revealed a jewel watch at Baselworld this year. The latest creation from the Neuchâtel based brand is even more compelling in reality than it is in the pictures sent to the press.

By Laetitia Artal

Kerbedanz is known or rather easily recognisable for its characteristic symbolism, an original form of expression still unheard of in traditional Swiss watchmaking. The brand has established this symbolism by creating Celtic or astrology inspired models, amongst others. The Tree of Life is yet another symbolic piece that represents immortality, continuity, the cycle of life and perennial values. For the ancestors of the founder, Tigran Kerbedanz, the tree of life represents faith and staunch hope. The symbol is seen on Khachkars, crosses carved on stones with an Eden and “Tree of Jesse” (the life-giving tree) background. However, everyone interprets the symbol in their own different way.

Kerbedanz Tree of Life

For now, we'll go with "lyricism" as it is the most appropriate definition for this creation. The untamed landscape was transposed on a back and coated with Kerbedanz enamel made of several shades of green. Carved in relief on the first layer, the tips of the tree's branches are set with, all in all, eight diamonds that represent life in its glory or the exploit of the forbidden fruit. The 18K yellow gold gives the model a luxurious look. The case and lugs are set with 540 emeralds that were meticulously cut and perfectly set. Every small detail matters, even the emerald-set crown that is subtly placed at 1:30, in the North East. It's a precious timepiece that has solved the puzzle of feminine complexity.

Kerbedanz Tree of Life

"Giving sense to beauty"

That's Kerbedanz's motto. In fact, we could even adapt it to say "giving five senses to beauty", since the splendour of this creation evokes the obvious comeback of a wristwatch specifically created for women. Its elegant and virtuoso exterior hides a power fueled by a perfect and well crafted micro-mechanical heart: an automatic mechanical caliber (ref. KRB-03) that was designed, manufactured and decorated in the Kerbedanz and Technotime workshops. It features a frequency of 28,000 vibrations per hour and a double barrel that provides a 120-hour power reserve.

Kerbedanz Tree of Life

The watchmaking brand gives high importance to the know-how that comes from the oldest gold-smithing traditions, which are in turn the source of excellent quality.

Kerbedanz has craftsmen working at every production stage: from design to caliber-making, without forgetting engraving or enamel painting. The latter is what makes a piece (almost) unique, as there will be 41 pieces of this numbered, limited edition of the Tree of Life. 

Kerbedanz Tree of Life

Passion in the genes

Aram Petrosyan and Tigran Kerbedanz are experts in high jewelry making and fulfilled their dream of founding a watchmaking brand in 2008. To do so, they partnered up and are respectively the brand’s Chief Designer Officer (CDO) and founding President. They both agreed on giving the brand the name "Kerbedanz", which was the name of the ancestor Tigran wanted to pay tribute to; a famous blacksmith who had a gift for the art of working metal and who eventually became a watch repairer. A good person with a strong sense of values and a will to excel, he inspired the two associates to uphold these values. In 2011, they created their company and sold their first unique piece: a tourbillon with Celtic blue enamel ornaments.

Kerbedanz Tree of Life

By choosing to establish themselves in Neuchâtel, the cradle of Swiss watchmaking, they entered the territory of skilled craftspeople and experts. In fact, having found the right balance between the established order and a modern vision while playing with symbols of the past is quite a masterstroke.

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